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Humbling Dolph Ziggler: Why Is The Showoff Being Treated Like A Chump?



Former 2-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler isn’t looking as much of a top-tier superstar as his character envisions on SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw. Although he is a very talented performer both on the mic and between the ropes, the so-called Showoff has been on a losing streak in big-time match situations. Not only did he lose to Kofi back to back, but he was humiliated in very short order by both Kevin Owens and the 52-year-old Bill Goldberg.

Judging by Ziggler’s confident personality, you’d think he’d be winning more matches than losing. Although he was bumped up to the main event several times throughout his career, he keeps being pushed back down to mid-card status. Wrestling the likes of Goldberg at SummerSlam will definitely draw enough attention to your brand, but it doesn’t look too good when you’re squashed in short order by a man whose age makes it hard for him to do much wrestling in the first place.

Why is someone who consistently puts on entertaining matches like Ziggler being treated like a punching bag to a part-timer like Goldberg and upper mid-carders like Kevin Owens and The Miz? There’s probably a host of reasons, but I’ll just name a few possible explanations below.

Possible Reason #1: Ziggler Disrespects Legends

The character Dolph Ziggler presents in 2019 is one that believes himself to be a legend of legends. No matter how many times he loses, he still somehow looks down at wrestling icons like Goldberg and Shawn Michaels as inferior. This may play a part in why he was demolished by Goldberg at SummerSlam. The end result of that match certainly harms his credibility as a performer as he’s treated like a ragdoll by a semi-active wrestler.

In the past, WWE has made an example out of their performers who disrespect the legends of yesteryear. Just look at The Ascension, they were doing an incredible job in NXT, becoming the longest reigning tag team champions of all time on that brand. But when they were called up to the main roster and started disrespecting legends like D-X and the nWo, they were knocked down a peg and soon they faded to the background for years to come.

A word of advice, don’t disrespect The Kliq.

Possible Reason #2: It’s Ziggler’s Cocky, Self-Important Attitude

Don’t people who think they’re better than everyone else get on your nerves? That’s probably double if that person usually doesn’t back up their statements with adequate results. Character-wise, Ziggler is doing an amazing job performing this reinvigorated self-important heel that makes the crowd pop whenever he finally gets his rightful comeuppance. But this character doesn’t work as well if he keeps losing one pay-per-view after the other, especially if it’s 17 seconds flat by Kevin Owens who is currently undergoing a Stone Cold Steve Austin phase.

WWE creative is making him look like a chump between the ropes who can’t seem to back up his own words. If he doesn’t start racking up wins quick, it wouldn’t be long before he falls back into obscurity again. If WWE has serious considerations to build-up a match between Ziggler and Shawn Michaels for next year’s WrestleMania than they better make him look like a serious opponent, not someone who will get dropped by HBK in less than two minutes. And why are legends like Goldberg even squashing WWE superstars in the first place? That really does a disservice to their character as they lose to men who can barely wrestle a full match without getting completely gassed.

It’s as if the more cocky and self-centered he gets, the more he loses when it matters most.

Ziggler reportedly has a history of having an attitude problem in the company, according to PWInsider, which is said to have impacted his position on the card in the second half of 2013. Some of the best wrestling characters are often those playing themselves dialed up to 11, something which could actually be a detriment to Ziggler as his self-absorbed jerk character could easily run afoul with backstage politics and rub some important people the wrong way.

Possible Reason #3: Ziggler’s Outside Commitments To Stand-Up Comedy

Following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Ziggler disappeared from his role on WWE television to go on a stand-up comedy tour. This decision may have been for the best as taking a break brought new life into his fading persona. Upon returning in May, after a four-month hiatus, Ziggler was immediately shot up to the near top of the card as a contender for Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship. Although he lost to Kingston, his character was evolving and he was rising once more from the mid-card to upper-card status. However, since then, he has been treated to some high profile squash matches by Bill Goldberg and Kevin Owens.

Maybe WWE creative is trying to make an example out of him for daring to find another outlet for his career outside of professional wrestling, especially if that outlet doesn’t have the WWE brand attached to it like WWE films. That’s always a possibility. One article dating back to January 2015 from Inquisitr suggested that Ziggler appeared to be punished by WWE for booking a stand-up comedy show without their permission, with the penalty of losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Bad News Barrett less than a month after winning it back from Luke Harper. If they punished him once before for his stand-up antics, what’s stopping this type of treatment from happening again?

WWE has also become increasingly politically correct over the years, especially when it comes to their treatment of women. Stand-up comedy can be very politically incorrect as comedians blur the lines of what is acceptable and taboo speech. The idea that company executives might be worried that Ziggler’s comedy career may compromise WWE’s new image isn’t an impossibility.

It’s hard to tell for sure why Dolph Ziggler is currently being treated like a chump by whoever is booking his matches. Whatever the reason, the higher ups in the company seem to believe he deserves this:

If that doesn’t humble the cocky showoff, what will?

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