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GFW Impact Recap (9.7.17): Eli Drake defends against Matt Sydal



The show kicks off with 2 pre-tapes showing both Eli Drake and Matt Sydal walking into the building.

Match #1: Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt defeat Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley
A good tag team match opens the show. Lee and Konley have been working as a unit for the last couple of weeks trying to take down Williams and Dutt. They failed to do so tonight after Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer on Konley followed by a big splash by Dutt for the win.

Match #2: LAX defeat Zachary Wentz and Jon Bolen
This was a showcase for LAX. During the match, the screen cuts to OVE watching the match from the back. LAX wins after hitting Wentz with a Street Sweeper. After the match, OVE come out to challenge LAX for the championships at the upcoming Crash show in Tijuana.

Match #3: Sienna and Taryn Terrell defeat Allie and Gail Kim
A fun Knockouts tag match. Sienna and Terrell beat down on Gail Kim for most of the match. The match ended after Sienna rolls Allie up after a cross body attempt to secure the victory. After the match, Terrell and Sienna attacked Gail. Rosemary ran down for the save but Terrell and Sienna got the upper hand. Taya Valkyrie hits the ring making her debut and sides with Terrell and Sienna by attacking Gail Kim.

Next up, Jim Cornette comes out and talks about the new stars he’s brought into GFW and then says he’s betting money Sydal leaves tonight as the Global Champion. Johnny Impact comes out and tells Cornette he wants the winner of the main event. LAX hit the ring and Low-Ki demands his fair shot at the championship. Ki and Impact exchange words until a brawl breaks out between Impact and LAX.

Cornette says next week will be Low-Ki vs Johnny Impact in a #1 contenders match.

Next, a pre-tape is shown of Joseph Park telling Grado marrying Laurel Van Ness will make his situation worse since she’s Canadian. Van Ness then walks up to Grado and he tells her the wedding is off.

Multiple video packages are shown highlighting all of the controversy coming out of GFW’s trip to Mexico for TripleMania including: DJZ’s injury and comeback, the tension between Moose and Lashley, Johnny Impact defending his 3 AAA Championships in a 3 way ladder match, and Jeff Jarrett’s backstage altercation with LaParka.

A pre-tape is shown of Dezmond Xavier talking about winning the X-Cup and giving some backstory on his career.

Another Vignette of Pagano is shown.

Next up, a video package is shown of Eddie Edwards winning the GHC championship in Pro Wrestling NOAH from Japan, Becoming the first American born GHC Champion.

Richard Justice is shown back stage still feeling the beating handed to him by Kongo Kong last week and tells McKenzie Mitchell that as the stand-by wrestler he’s got to be ready despite how he feels.

Main Event: Eli Drake(c) defeats Matt Sydal to retain the GFW Global Championship
This was a really good main event. Sydal really held his own against the Champ until Chris Adonis got involved. Sydal goes up top to hit a Shooting Star Press but gets interrupted by Adonis. Adonis has the ref distracted while Eli Drake hits Sydal with the Championship and then smashes Sydal with the Gravy Train to get the win and to retain his Global Championship.

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