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GFW Impact Recap (8.24.17): A New Champion is crowned



At the top of the broadcast there’s backstage footage from last week after the main event of Lashley and American top team arguing with Jeff Jarrett about the finish of the main event. James Storm shows up as things get heated and tells them to leave.

A pre-tape is show from earlier in the day of Lashley and American top team walking into the building. Jeff Jarrett walks up and offers Dan Lambert a hand. Lashley pulls Lambert from Jarrett as Jarrett mouths off at them.

Another pre-tape is shown of Jim Cornette in an empty arena with the talent roster to ensure them they are in good hands with him around and reveals that there will be a big surprise debut in the gauntlet to crown a new world champion.

Match #1: OVE defeat The Heatseekers

For the second week in a row, the Crist brothers get to showcase why they are one of the best tag teams in wrestling today. It was a quick match that ended with a variation of total elimination to secure the victory for OVE.

Jim Cornette is shown backstage in his office as Eli Drake and Chris Adonis barges in complaining about Drake entering at #1 in the gauntlet and wants it changed. Cornette changes his entry number to #2.

Taryn Terrell is out next. Taryn says she interfered in the match and cost Gail the match cause she’s sick of Gail Kim. Gail’s music hits as she runs to the ring to get a piece of Terrell but Taryn escapes from the wrath of Gail Kim.

A pre-tape is shown of some of the competitors in the gauntlet for the gold talking about the match tonight.

Bobby Lashley and American top team makes their way into Cornette’s office and they argue about the title being taken away from him last week when Prichard was going to hand it back to him. Cornette tells him he has to earn it back tonight.

A vignette is shown of Taya Valkyrie.

Grado is out next with Joseph Park to say his Farewell to America. Before he could exit the ring Laurel Van Ness comes out not wearing her usual dirty wedding dress and asks Grado to marry her. Grado says yes and is getting married and is getting to stay in America. Kongo Kong’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. But is stopped by Mahabali Shera.

Jim Cornette and Eddie Edwards is shown In Jim’s office reminiscing about old times.

A pre-tape is shown of LAX in their headquarters getting Low-ki ready for the main event.

Main Event: 20 man ‘Gauntlet For The Gold’ for the GFW Global Championship

20 men enter the match. Only one will leave as champ. 2 men are out to start and very 2 minutes a new entrant would enter. The only way to eliminate your opponent is to toss them over the top rope. The final 2 men would then wrestle to a pin fall or submission. This was a fun match. There was speculation all night on who the big surprise was. Johnny Impact makes his debut entering at #13. The first 2 men to enter the match were the last 2 left, as Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake battled it out after surviving 18 other men. The match came to an end with Eli Drake delivering a white noise to Edwards for the 1-2-3. And your new GFW Global champion, Eli Drake!

After the match, American Top Team is shown again choking out a ref as Lashley runs down to stop them. The show ends with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis celebrating in the ring.

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