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GFW Impact Destination X Report (8.17.17)



At the top of the show we get a pre-tape of Lashley, Dan Lambert, and American Top Team. Jeff Jarrett pulls Dan to the side for a chat. A video package follows with a preview of tonight’s card.

McKenzie Mitchell is shown backstage standing outside Bruce Prichard’s office to get a word on his decision with the world title.

Match #1: Sienna(c) with KM vs. Gail Kim (GFW Knockouts Championship)
Gail Kim returns from being on the shelf for nearly a year to challenge Sienna. Sienna asked for a worthy opponent last week and Gail answered. Gail states that if she wins she is going to retire as the champion. Gail hits Sienna with the ‘Eat Defeat’ but before she can go for the pin KM jumps on the apron for the distraction and Gail fights him off. As Gail and referee Earl Hebner are still dealing with KM, Taryn Terell runs from the back making her return to the Impact Zone and hits Gail with a cutter. Sienna picks Gail up and hits the AK-47 for the 1-2-3.

A pre-tape is shown of Matt Sydal talking about his match with Lashley.

Bruce Prichard is out next with the vacated GFW Championship to address the situation. He states that El Patron relinquished the title to focus on family and personal endeavors. He then states that the title will be given back to the man who previously held it, Bobby Lashley. Lashley’s music hits but instead we get the return of Jim Cornette.

Cornette reveals that corporate has put him in charge of things and as his first act he fires Bruce Prichard. Cornette says that El Patron did not relinquish the title, said that he was stripped of the title. Cornette announces that next week there will be a 20 man gauntlet match to crown a new GFW Global Champion. LAX then hits the ring furious that Low-Ki has to compete in the gauntlet even though he was set to face El Patron tonight for the title. Cornette tells Low-Ki that he will enter at number 20 in next weeks gauntlet.

Match #2: Taiji Ishimori vs Dezmond Xavier (Super X Cup Finals)
8 men from all over the world were selected for the 2017 Super X Cup tournament that was held over the last couple of months. And it comes down to these two. Both men give it their all here hitting big move after big move both having a near fall a piece. Xavier hits Ishimori with a pele kick out of a back handspring for the win. After the match, Jeremy Borash is in the ring to present Xavier with the trophy. Xavier states that he is coming for who ever wins the X-division title tonight.

Backstage, Bruce Prichard is on his way out and runs into Karen Jarrett. They get it an argument and Karen tells Prichard he is never allowed back at GFW again.

A pre-tape is shown of Grado backstage with Joseph Park. They announce next week Grado will tell the Impact! Zone goodbye as he has to leave the country.

Match #3: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Trevor Lee (GFW X-Division Championship Ladder Match)
This match came about after Lee stole the title from Dutt and proclaimed himself as the rightful champion. A lot went down in this match. Dutt hits Lee with splash from the 2nd rope onto a ladder that was set up between the middle rope and another ladder. As Trevor rolls out of the ring, Dutt goes to retrieve the title but Caleb Konley runs down and power bombs Dutt through a table that lee brought in earlier in the match. Konley is then met with a Canadian destroyer by the returning Petey Williams. Dutt retains the title after knocking Lee off the ladder into the ladder that was set up on the middle rope.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he’s gonna run though Sydal and then win the title next week.

Match #4: OVE vs. Jason Cade and Zachary Wentz
This was the Impact! Debut of Dave and Jake Crist, Ohio versus everything. This match wasn’t much. This was a showcase for OVE. Cade and Wentz got some offense in on the brothers Crist but it wasn’t enough as they went down to a variation of the total elimination for the 3 count.

Cornette is shown backstage on the phone as EC3 and Moose demands to put them in the gauntlet and he puts them in. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis then come up to Cornette and they want in so he puts them in but tells Drake he’s gonna be entering at number one.

A video package for the main event is shown next.

Main Event: Bobby Lashley vs Matt Sydal
Dan Lambert and the American top team is sitting front row. The story for the night is that Dan Lambert wants Lashley to work for him. This match was made a few weeks ago when Lashley demanded a shot at the title and was answered by Sydal. The winner of this bout will get a title shot of their choosing. This match goes back and forth for a bit but Lashley gets the upper hand and beats on Sydal on the outside for a bit. As the match gets back in the ring Lashley brings in a chair to use on Sydal but the ref stops him. As the ref is turned around Sydal hits Lashley with a spin kick and sends the chair into Lashley’s face. Sydal sets up for shooting star but Lashley gets his knees up. Lashley goes for a spear but Sydal turns it into a roll up and pins Lashley for the win.

After the match, the ref is raising Sydal’s hand on the ramp and one of the American Top Team guys grabs the ref and chokes him. As it gets broken up they cut to a video package of Johnny Mundo announcing his Impact! Debut.

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