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GCW ‘Run Rickey Run’ (2.15.20) Results & Review



Nick Gage and Rickey Shane Page have had for me one of the best feuds since RSP blindsided Gage at his Invitational tournament back in September and stole the GCW title claiming it as his own. In Atlantic City, they would face off for the first time in GCW in what promises to be a war.

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JJ Garrett vs. KTB vs. Cole Radrick vs. Johnathan Wolf vs. Blake Christian vs. Treehouse Lee – ***
The show kicked off with the GCW staple, the “SCRAMBLEF*CK” six way. So much happens in these matches, everyone gets at least one moment to shine. While KTB and Jonathan Wolf added some explosive power to this match, it was the usual showcase of each individual’s flips and dives we have come to expect from these matches. Cole Radrick has an interesting old school vibe but combines that with a lot of innovative springboard offense and combos.

JJ Garret used a couple of flipping senton spots and clever reversals to show what he can do. Treehouse Lee’s unorthodox look and style certainly makes him stand out, if he continues to hit moves like the spectacular hurricanrana he hit off the top rope here he’ll definitely pop up on a lot of gifs like his opponent Black Christian did throughout 2019 with his next level aerial moves.

Blake’s big moments in this came when he reversed a doomsday device into a Spanish fly and he hit a moonsault off the top rope while standing on a laid out KTB. Being the biggest dude in there didn’t stop KTB from hitting a moonsault to the outside.

The finish of this came after Christian sent a message to Will Ospreay by using Will’s hidden blade move on JJ Garrett and following up with a handspring DDT for the pin fall. A wild 10 minute opener that was never boring, everyone got to get their stuff in and it was a fun time.

Chris Dickinson vs. Jimmy Lloyd – **3/4
Jimmy Lloyd would attempt to show he is more than a deathmatch wrestler by taking on Chris Dickinson. No easy feat as Dickinson is one of the toughest, hardest hitting guys on the indie scene.

Dickinson was all about putting pressure on Lloyd throughout this match, he started off with big chops in the corner, forearm smashes and a shining wizard that sent Lloyd to outside. Back inside Dickinson took Lloyd to the ground with a dragon screw and worked over Lloyd’s leg, putting him in a figure four. After Lloyd made the ropes he was unable to gain any respite as Dickinson would continue to press, hitting forearms, a brainbuster and stomps to a downed Lloyd.

After a forearm exchange between the two, Lloyd slammed Dickinson with a huge back suplex, giving him some time to catch a breather from Dickinson’s relentless assault. Lloyd’s 619 was blocked but he did mange to take Dickinson down with a half and half suplex. Trying to capitalise Lloyd placed Dickinson on the top rope, Dickinson fought back, knocking Lloyd off.

Dickinson hit a missile dropkick, a German suplex and a vicious lariat but it was not enough to secure the win. They traded back and forth until Lloyd reversed a powerbomb attempt into reverse cradle piledriver. Dickinson halted Lloyd’s momentum when he targeted the leg again, taking him down with another dragon screw and locked in deathlock which Lloyd tapped out.

A decent match, although I’m not sure Lloyd got to show a lot of his all-round wrestling ability as Dickinson was in control for the majority of the match. Which isn’t a complaint really as it’s always good to see the Dirty Daddy do his thing.

Tony Deppen vs. Effy – ***1/2
A first-time matchup between these two. This was an entertaining back and forth match. The mind games started early when the super serious Deppen demanded “none of that gay sh*t” from Effy but this only made Effy tease him about it. Early on they each showed their technical ability, grabbling and working the other over on the ground. Effy goaded Deppen, who reacted allowing Effy to gain control and hit a flurry of offence, including a yakuza kick into a DDT with his leg.

Deppen blocked a springboard attempt with a low blow and followed up with a tope con giro to Effy on the outside. Deppen maintained the pressure, locking Effy in a painful looking hold and following up with a pelvic attack to the head. This fired Effy up, he willing absorbed some strikes off Deppen before asking for a spank, Deppen complied only for Effy to fire up some more and throw some strikes of his own.

The action continued back and forth, neither of them able to gain the advantage until Deppen revered a powerbomb into a double stomp. He would tie Effy up in the corner hitting some more intense knees and kicks. After taking a destroyer Effy would try and roll up Deppen a number of times with no success. They ended up on the top rope where Effy landed an avalanche TKO and rolled into a submission on Deppen’s neck. Deppen tried to escape but Effy locked it back on only for Deppen to flip him through for the pin.

I really enjoyed this with Effy looking great as the underdog babyface against the intense, hard hitting Deppen, giving as good as he got. Definitely would not mind seeing a rematch between these two down the line

Joey Janela vs. Jordan Oliver – **
This was Joey Janela’s first match in GCW since September 2019 and he was here to teach the arrogant up and comer Jordan Oliver a lesson.

At the beginning Jordan Oliver was having none of it, he continually left the ring and walked around the outside, this went on for quite some time. Once the match got going, Janela would control a large portion of it, laying it into Oliver. Oliver would come back at times using his speed to gain the upper hand but he also wasn’t shy laying the boots into Janela.

This match went almost 25 minutes and for me that was 15 minutes too many. It looked like it took its toll on Oliver and Janela as things got really sloppy in the final third of this match (in an already rough looking match), with a botched posionrana and a very ugly looking dive to the outside from Oliver.

Not one I would recommend but if you are a fan of Joey Janela I imagine it will be cool to see him back in the GCW ring in 2020. Afterwards Janela cut a promo talking about his health and his journey back to GCW. He put himself and Oliver over. He offered Oliver the chance to face Will Ospreay at Spring Break but he’d have to ditch Young Dumb and Broke. He refused and along with YDNB beat Janela down. This brought out Jurassic Express for the save, setting up a match between both groups at the Spring Break.

Takashi Sasaki vs. Alex Colon – Death Match – ***1/2
First of the deathmatches tonight. FREEDOMS founder and deathmatch legend Takashi Sasaki faces off against one of the best in the deathmatch game in 2020, Alex Colon.

We got some chain wrestling at the beginning before they each struggled to push the other into the massive lighttube towers in two of the corners. Colon was able to dodge Sasaki’s lighttube attacks, running right through the tube before hitting a diving clothesline. Outside the ring Colon carved up Sasaki’s forehead with the broken glass.

After hitting another diving clothesline on a seated Sasaki, Colon tangled a lighttube behind Sasaki’s arms and smashing him into the ring post. Colon continued to target Sasaki’s forehead with broken glass back in the ring. Sasaki gained control when he reversed an Irish whip and sent Colon crashing through one of the lighttube towers and afterwards Colon looked in a lot of pain.

Sasaki would work over Colon with a series of kicks, a body slam and lighttube attacks. Colon managed to fire up and threw a bundle of lightubes to Sasaki and hit a double knee sending his opponent to the outside. Colon would follow with a lighttube assisted suicide dive onto Sasaki. Colon took too long climbing to the top rope allowing Sasaki to capitalise and hit a superplex.

They traded hands for a bit then Sasaki hit a reverse tiger driver through a bundle of light tubes. The lighttube violence continued as Colon was put in tree of woe and Sasaki placed the other lighttube tower on him and kicked it into Colon’s chest. A power slam only gained a 2 count for Sasaki, after which he obtained a tube of lighttubes and placed over Colon and kicked the glass into his head to secure the win.

A great showing from both guys, Sasaki hinted a rematch at the FREEDOMS Florida show which would be awesome as they worked really well together. They worked at a fast pace and by building up to the more elaborate lighttube spots kept my attention throughout.

Matthew Justice vs. Matt Tremont – ****
Matthew Justice comes into this after having one of the best matches of GCW’s Japan tour against Masato Tanaka, the deathmatch legend Matt Tremont was also on that tour, looking impressive in his match with Ryuki Ito. It’s also Tremont’s first match since he received a deep cut on his left arm in a Big Japan deathmatch on the 11th Feb.

This was action packed from the start. They started throwing bombs before taking it outside. Tremont caught Justice’s dive and slammed him onto ringside chairs. They brawled through the crowd, with Justice coming out on top by the time they make it back ringside. Sitting Tremont in a chair, Justice cut away at his forehead with a broken light tube. Afterwards he dove from the ring onto Tremont.

Things got very gross in the ring when Justice brought out a fork and started stabbing away at Tremont’s cut on his left arm, he took him to all 4 sides of the ring and did this, ensuring everyone got a view of this. Tremont tried to fight back and stuck Justice on the top rope, this only allowed Justice to dive at him with the fork handle.

Justice continued to work over Tremont’s arm with chair attacks before planting a fork into Tremont’s head. This only fired Tremont up who retaliated by ripping it out and attacking Justice. Chair strikes from Tremont sent Justice into the ropes but he bounced back with a spear. Justice pulled out a door from under the ring, setting it up in the corner he wrote on it with Tremont’s blood which allowed Tremont enough time to recover and he sent Justice flying through it with a Death Valley driver.

This was nothing to Justice who just got up and started beating down Tremont with a broken piece of the door then hitting a coast to coast onto it and Tremont. A splash from Justice only got a one count, so Justice furiously stabbed away at Tremont’s head with a fork, followed up with a DDT and another splash for the pin fall victory. Post-match both guys showed respect to one another.

Brutal, violent and gross, I loved it! Justice is on a roll at the moment with these wild matches, eager to see who he faces next.

Danny Havoc vs. SHLAK – Death Match – ****
Originally supposed to be SHLAK vs. Masashi Takeda, Danny Havoc replaced the injured Takeda. A pleasant surprise as Havoc looked like he’d never retired on the recent GCW Japanese tour.

Tonight was no different both guys brought it and gave us a war. There was all kinds of plunder in and around the ring and every bit was used. Early on Havoc would beat down SHLAK with a water cooler bottle attached to a pole at ringside. Back in the ring, they exchanged light tube assisted violence. Both being big guys they traded suplexes when the highlight of the match came as Havoc suplexed SHLAK onto the outside through a glass covered barb wire board on chairs at ringside, what a sight!

SHLAK was quick to his feet and both ended back in ring having a light tube duel, they smashed several lighttubes over each other’s head until SHLAK used a barb wire covered bundle to win that battle. Both attempted submissions, to no success. Havoc would smash more lighttubes over SHLAK, placing him under a barbwire covered door and hitting a twisting senton from the top rope. SHLAK fired up from this, hitting a spear through a barb wire covered door to Havoc.

Havoc would hit a DVD after this but missed his moonsault follow up. SHLAK capitalised and hit 2 brutal looking piledrivers onto lighttubes and gusset boards for the big win over the deathmatch legend Havoc. Both guys shake hands afterwards which brought out Marcus Crane who embraced them both.

An all-out war, this was awesome. SHLAK has really impressed in his last couple of death matches I’ve watched. If Danny Havoc wants it, it would be great to see more of him in GCW.

Mance Warner vs. Allie Kat – ****1/4
The build for this was based around Mance wanted Kat to show her nasty side, show she can get mean when hit matters.

Throughout the match he would be nasty and hateful towards her in an effort to bring that side out of her. And he succeeded. Kat did not hold back, she absorbed all sorts of punishment from Mance but was able to turn it around on him several times. When he took her outside to beat her up, he ended up on the receiving end of a pounding from her.

After he took the mic, insulted her and tried to humiliate by ripping her underwear off, she stapled that underwear to his tongue and knocked his head around in a bucket with a chair. Kat was not only keeping up with Mance, she was getting the better of him. After Kat stuck skewers into Mance’s skull, we were treated to the sickest spot of the match, Mance head-butt Kat’s crotch with the skewers still in, ripped them out and planted them in her crotch!

Surprisingly that did not phase Kat and she hit him with a piledriver immediately afterwards. They engaged in head-butt and door duels which Kat won each time. Mance was loving it, encouraging the onslaught from Kat. After spearing Kat through the door Mance hit her with his running knee finish but as he went for the pin, she rolled him up for the upset win.

Absolutely great stuff from both of them, they had a great battle based on respect and Allie Kat showed she was more than worthy of hanging with the outlaws of GCW.

Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Nick Gage – GCW World Title Death Match – ****3/4
This was the wild, heated war it promised to be.

Nick Gage made his usual fired up entrance, the crowd embracing him and going wild. RSP was on fine heel form throughout, starting off by bailing from the ring several times tormenting Gage and the fans in the process. Once the referee sent RSP’s goons 44.OH to the back Gage would start beating on RSP, sending him out the ring with a big spinebuster. Outside Gage would continue to lay it into RSP tossing him into chairs and fighting through the crowd.

RSP would slow things down back in the ring, wearing Gage down and working a methodical pace. Highlight of this was RSP smashing a light tube in Gage’s mouth. Gage gained control on the outside and hit the first big spot of the match when he would come crashing down on RSP who was under a makeshift glass panel & lighttube table. RSP would emerge with a crimson mask which brought 44.OH came running down and lay a beating on Gage after he went for the pizza slicer.

After they put him through a glass panel with a Shield style powerbomb, the GCW locker room came rushing out to even things up. Gage would assault RSP with several lighttubes, putting his foot through a bunch at RSP’s face in the corner. After Gage superplexed RSP through a glass panel, he took the ref out after it only got a 2 count. RSP did the same after his chokebreaker couldn’t put Gage away. On the top rope, RSP would get put through a bundle of lighttubes when Gage hit a pain thriller.

Brett Lauderdale entered the ring as a referee but 44.OH came back down to ring. Eric Ryan and G-Raver looked to be making the save but Ryan turned on Gage and attacked him with a fork, G-Raver was shocked and RSP laid him out with a lighttube attack. RSP powerbombed Gage from the top through a pair of glass panels in a spectacular spot. Brett refused to count the pinfall, gave RSP the finger but took a bundle of lighttubes to the head for his defiance. RSP finished things off when he gave Gage a chokebreaker onto lighttubes.

This infuriated the crowd who started throwing their garbage into the ring which was quite the visual as it rained down on a gloating RSP.

Incredible main event, it was violent, bloody and packed with twists and turns, a spectacle that I cannot recommend enough!

Run Rickey Run was a great card, strong recommendation from myself. You’ll see some of the best deathmatches in front of one of the most passionate crowds. The main event was a great continuation of one of the hottest angles on the indie scene, expanding it to RSP vs. GCW. A must-see event, order the replay on FITE TV now!