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DDT ‘D-OH Grand Prix 2020’ (12.1.19) Results & Review



The third night of the 2020 D-OH Grand Prix features three tournament matches. This is the first night of the tour that doesn’t feature a tournament match in the main event. The top billed singles match is between Daisuke Sasaki and Yukio Sakaguchi. Let’s get started!

Yuki Iino (1-1) def. Tetsuya Endo (0-1-1) @ 12:20 – **3/4
No love lost between DAMNATION and ALL OUT as they both refuse the handshake before the bell. Iino rushes in the corner looking for a spear but Endo evades it and bails to the floor. Endo leads Iino on a chase on the outside, rolling back in and out while hitting Iino’s pose to get under his skin to the amusement of the audience. Iino crashes through chairs before eventually getting the better of Endo back inside the ring. While Iino calls his chant, Endo catches him into a pinning combination and pulls him into Yurikamome before releasing the hold and driving Iino into all four turnbuckles.

Endo traps Iino with a cravat, Iino finds the ropes and takes Endo down with a double sledge. He hits a corner spear followed by a splash and a vertical suplex for a two count before pulling Endo up into an Argentine back rack. Endo breaks free by grabbing a wrist lock and looks for an octopus hold but Iino sweeps the leg and goes for the elbow drop. Iino comes up empty on the attack and Endo is quick to respond with a springboard forearm. He then tries for the Argentine back rack but Iino’s size is too much as he transitions Endo into a bear hug. Endo breaks free by smashing Iino across the face, gets up on his shoulders and drives him down, lands a handspring overhead kick and climbs to the top rope.

Iino avoids the splash, Endo lands on his feet but is leveled with a lariat. Both men collapsed to the mat, fight up to their feet, Iino misses the first elbow drop but lands the second and positions Endo into a dragon suplex. Endo fights it off, looks for a handspring back elbow but gets caught and is dropped with a spear for an Iino win.

Masato Tanaka (3-0) def. Bull James (1-2) @ 7:45 – ***
Respect is shown before the match with a handshake They lock up and James backs Tanaka to the corner but decides to give a clean break. A second lock up leads to James shoving Tanaka to the mat so Tanaka decides against a third, delivers a kick to the gut and attempts to shoulder James to the mat. The plan gets Tanaka nowhere so he outsmarts James and sends him to the floor and follows him out with a plancha. Tanaka begins throwing chairs at James who looks none to amused before throwing one back which sends Tanaka to the floor. James brings him into but Tanaka fires up and lands a series of strikes to the chest of James. He tries scoop slamming James but collapses under the weight and scores James a two count.

James begins strangling Tanaka, throwing a shot to the head and wears him down in the corner. Tanaka catches James with a boot and connects with a tornado DDT from off the second rope. James fights off the brainbuster, gets caught with a lariat for two, regroups quicly and takes Tanaka down with a spinebuster for a two count of his own. Tanaka is positioned on the top rope, slides through and lands a powerbomb to James followed by a frog splash for two. He tries to roll James up, comes up short but blasts him with a Sliding D to score the win. The two shake hands again after the match.

Daisuke Sasaki (1-1) def. Yukio Sakaguchi @ 2:25 – **
Sakaguchi rushes in looking for a Right Knee of God before the bell but comes up empty. He backs Sasaki to the corner but Sasaki catches a kick and fights free. He heads to the top, avoids a second Right Knee of God from Sakaguchi and bails to the floor. Sakaguchi goes on the chase where he’s met by Mad Paulie who doesn’t attack Sakaguchi but provides the distraction. Sakaguchi eventually meets Sasaki back in the ring, Sasaki pulls the referee between them and tries to use him as a shield but the referee ducks and Sasaki is blasted with a Rengoku. Sasakguchi prepares to load up for a Right Knee of God but Paulie grabs his leg from ringside. Saasaki rushes in, gets caught in an armbar but pushes Sakaguchi into the referee in the corner, kicks him low and scores the win via small package.

Final Thoughts
Just under twenty-five minutes of tournament action for the third night of the 2020 D-OH Grand Prix. There’s nothing here that needs to be seen. Tanaka continues to work hard and James took to Twitter, honored to have had this match. They were the night’s highlight but even still, they didn’t produce something absolutely must-see. Endo goofed on Iino before getting caught with the spear which is the biggest win to date in Iino’s career. His shtick makes him look like a dork but he’s working with a limited skill set so I guess they believe he needs to have something.

The main event was very typical of what you’d expect from these two. A short match filled with shenanigans to protect Sakaguchi while putting over the craftiness of DAMNATION. Nothing exciting, very much by the numbers. You can do worse than watching these matches but you won’t be blown away by anything either.

A Block
Chihiro Hashimoto (2-0)
Yuki Ueno (1-1)
Keisuke Ishii (1-1)
Konosuke Takeshita (1-1)
Yuki Iino (1-1)
Tetsuya Endo (0-1-1)
Chris Brookes (0-1-1)

B Block
Masato Tanaka (3-0)
Daisuke Sasaki (1-1)
Soma Takao (1-1)
Yukio Sakaguchi (1-2)
Bull James (1-2)
Naomi Yoshimura (0-2)

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for WrestlingDesk.