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DDT ‘D-OH Grand Prix 2020’ (11.30.19) Results & Review



DDT’s second night of the 2020 D-OH Grand Prix features six more tournament matches from Yokohama. Everyone except for HARASHIMA and Yuki Iino are set for a night of tournament action. Let’s get started!

Yukio Sakaguchi (1-1) def. Naomi Yoshimura (0-2) @ 3:30 – ***1/4
Yoshimura rushes in with a shoulder tackle before the bell followed by a powerslam and vertical suplex for a two count a piece. He throws Sakaguchi into the corner, fires off lariats and another suplex for two. Sakaguchi fights out of a powerbomb and lands a flurry of kicks to the head that ground Yoshimura. Now with time to get his jacket off, Sakaguchi throws it over Yoshimura’s head and delivers a kick. Yoshimura removes the jacket and the two begin trading chops for kicks. Yoshimura catches a running knee and slams Sakaguchi to the mat but his Samoan Drop is slid out of and transitioned into a sleeper. Sakaguchi releases the hold and hits a knee to the back of the head followed by one to the chin to pick up the win.

Soma Takao (1-1) def. Bull James (1-1) @ 7:40 – **1/2
Takao refuses the pre-match handshake. Bull comes towards him but Takao throws his arms over the ropes and falls for a break. He finally decides to lock up and Bull takes the wrist but pulls on the thumb, requiring him to break the hold. Bull applies the hold again without the thumb work but Takao rips at the eyes to get free and charges at Bull who shoulders him to the mat. Takao takes a lap outside before coming back in to lock up. James gives him a boot instead and backs Takao to the corner where he fires forearms to the chest and back of the neck. He wrenches at the nose until the count of four and hooks his hand in Takao’s mouth like a fish before throwing him across the ring.

Takao dodges an elbow drop and fires off two dropkicks, another off the second and one to the knee. He tries pulling James into a sunset flip but James puts on the brakes. James eats a series of thrust kicks and tries for a Gin & Tonic but James is too heavy and slams Takao with a powerbomb before heading to the second rope. Takao moves but James lands on his feet, charges Takao who pulls the referee between them and when James shoves the referee aside, Takao sprays mist into James face before pulling him into a crucifix pin for the win.

Chihiro Hashimoto (2-0) def. Yuki Ueno (1-1) @ 13:35 – ***3/4
The two shake hands before the bell. They lock up and begin to roll. Hashimoto gets the leg but Ueno applies the headlock which Hashimoto escapes into a waistlock. Ueno turns it into a wristlock, Hashimoto catches him in a drop toe hold and grabs the head but Ueno gets the headscissors to force the stalemate. Back on their feet, they knuckle lock and Hashimoto wins the exchange by muscling Ueno to the mat. He fights back to his feet and applies a side headlock but Hashimoto sends him off and stays standing after an attempted shoulder tackle. Ueno challenges Hashimoto to give it a go but trips her when she goes to hit the ropes and traps her in a bow & arrow.

He sends Hashimoto to the corner and gives shoulder blocks to her back. Hashimoto reverses position and gives shoulders to the chest of Ueno who trips her over the second rope and delivers a running knee. He grapevines Hashimoto’s legs and pulls her into a crossface but she finds the ropes. Hashimoto fights back to her feet only to get shouldered back to the mat. She gets up again, fires off forearms and looks to catch Ueno with a spear but he puts the brakes on before ultimately getting dropped with a vertical suplex from Hashimoto followed by a flipping senton for two. A corner lariat scores Hashimoto another two and she looks to pull Ueno into a deadlift German suplex but he fights it so she transitions into an abdominal stretch.

Before Ueno can get the ropes, Hashimoto deadlifts him into a gut wrench suplex. Hashimoto gets caught running in and takes a backbreaker followed by a dropkick for a two count. Ueno heads to the top rope where he hits a second dropkick, charges in for a corner splash but Hashimoto moves and traps him on the top rope. She positions Ueno for a German suplex but he flips through and catches Hashimoto into a suplex but she bounces right back up and flattens Ueno with a lariat. The two begin trading forearms, Hashimoto hits the ropes but gets caught in an exploder for two followed by a corner splash and is positioned on the top rope. Hashimoto fights off the top and drops Ueno with a lariat followed by a powerbomb for a big near fall. She looks for a deadlift German, Ueno rolls through for two but Hashimoto is immediately back on him and finishes Ueno with the bridging German suplex.

Chris Brookes (0-1-1) vs Tetsuya Endo (0-0-1) 30 Minute Time Limit Draw – ***
Neither man goes in for a handshake before the bell. They circle the ring before locking up, Brookes backs Endo to the ropes and gives a clean break. The lock up continues, Brookes takes the wrist and Endo floats through into one of his own but Brookes gets his foot on the rope to force the break which Endo does cleanly. Again back to the lock up where they trade wristlocks but this time Brookes swats Endo’s hand away. He takes the wrist, throws Endo to the mat and positions him for the wet willy but Endo escapes and slides to the floor. He throws Brookes a shirt for his saliva-covered finger which Brookes uses and throws back to Endo.

Coming back inside, Endo is caught and pulls into a pin from Brookes who hangs on after the kick out but Endo scissors the head and pulls Brookes into a Yurikamome which Brookes leads to Brookes sprawling to the ropes. The two begin trading wet willy attempts to no avail, Endo stomps the elbow and Brookes bails to the floor. Endo goes on the chase and stays on the arm by slamming it into the post before sending Brookes back inside. He gets Brookes in a stranglehold, releases the hold and scoop slams him for a two count. Endo goes back to the arm, looking for an armbreaker but can’t straighten the arm before Brookes finds the ropes.

They trade chops , an exchange Endo win as he takes Brookes to the corner to fire off more followed by a running back elbow for two. Endo heads to the second rope where he connects with a dropkick for another two and pulls Brookes into a headlock. Brookes fights to his feet, sends Endo of but gets shouldered to the mat and trapped in the Yurikamome. With the referee asking for Brookes to submit, Brookes puts his finger in the referee’s mouth and gives Endo a wet willy to escape the hold. Endo bails and Brookes follows him out with a dive to the floor and takes a drink of water. He sends Endo in and sprays him with the water, locks the arm and pulls down Endo’s knee pad before driving it into the mat and applying a half crab with the arm locked.

Endo finds the ropes but Brookes stays on the knee with chops and wrenches. They go to the floor where Brookes drops Endo knee first over the apron but Endo makes it back in at eight and they two begin trading chops. Brookes takes him down and applies an STF but Endo finds the ropes and fires off a flurry of forearms that Brookes cuts off with a kick to the knee. Endo sends Brookes over the top to the apron and evades a slingshot cutter with a handspring kick followed by a one-foot asai moonsault to the floor. Brookes evades one springboard forearm, Endo jams his leg but gets back up and connects on the second attempt for a two count.

Endo slides through an abdominal stretch and cradles Brookes for two, fires off a kick to the face and looks for a vertical suplex which the two fight for before Endo winds up connecting with one into the turnbuckle. Brookes eats a shooting star press off the second, kicks out at two and traps Endo in the octopus hold but Endo dumps him over the top and looks to follow him out with a Sasuke Special but Brookes is there with a slingshot cutter. Endo wants the handspring overhead kick but Brookes turns it into a release German, Endo comes right back with a Tetsuya in the Sky and heads to the top. Brookes cuts Endo off with a release butterfly suplex off the top and takes the match to the apron where the two trade strikes. Endo connects with an overhead kick and collapses to the floor.

With Endo on his knees, Brookes catches him with a senton off the apron. They roll back in at nineteen and begin trading strikes on their knees. To their feet, Brookes ducks an enzuigiri and applies an ankle lock. Endo fights back up and lands the enzuigiri but collapses after the strike. The referee checks on Endo before giving Brookes the go ahead. Brookes charges in and eats a headbutt, Endo heads to the top but slips, finally makes it back up and comes off with a shooting star press which Brookes catches into a cutter for a two count. Endo slides out of a Tiger Driver, they trade kicks and Brookes catches Endo in an ankle lock but the time limit is reached.

Keisuke Ishii (1-1) def. Konosuke Takeshita (1-1) @ 15:15 – ***3/4
Both men refuse the handshake. They circle before locking up and Ishii backs Takeshita to the ropes, takes a swing but comes up empty. They both hit the ropes, ducking each other’s offense until Takeshita lands a knee that sends Ishii rolling to the floor. Takeshita follow him out and sends Ishii to the post before draping him over the apron and raining down elbow to the back of the head. He brings the match back inside, hits a DDT for two and pulls Ishii into a camel clutch before releasing him so he can hit a scoop slam. Ishii fights back up and the two begin begin trading forearms until Takeshita grounds him and grinds Ishii in the corner with a knee across the neck.

He keeps Ishii grounded with an armbar and forces him to find the ropes. Ishii does finally force the break but as soon as he does, Takeshita is back on the arm. Takeshita charges in on Ishii who floats over his corner attack and catches Takeshita in a big release German suplex but has to fight out of Takeshita’s Boston Crab right after. He does fight it and connects with a flurry of offense from sweeping the leg and landing double knee. Ishii again tries floating over Takeshita’s corner attack but Takeshita is ready for it and lands an uppercut to the midsection before applying the Boston Crab. Ishii finds the ropes and fires off forearms, trips Takeshita over the bottom rope and lands double knees to the back. Takeshita baits Ishii in for a DDT on the apron that sends them both crashing to the floor.

Ishii grabs Takeshita’s leg when he tries to get back in the ring and pulls Takeshita into a facebuster on the floor before bringing him back inside for a two count. Takeshita fires off a forearm that Ishii eats and fire right back with an enzuigiri followed by a Michinoku Driver for two. They trade forearms while hold each other’s wrists, Ishii lands a big flurry of kicks and hits the ropes but Takeshita is waiting with a lariat. Ishii fights off two suplexes, gets his own reversed and is blasted by a knee from Takeshita. He turns a suplex into a roll up, ducks lariat and catches Takeshita with a spinning heel kick followed by a Tiger Suplex for two. Takeshita catches Ishii running in with a lariat but Ishii pops right back up and connects with a second spinning heel kick to pick up the win.

Masato Tanaka (2-0) def. Daisuke Sasaki (0-1) @ 19:55 – ***3/4
No shake before the bell. They lock up, Sasaki backs Tanaka to the ropes and slaps him across the face. Tanaka comes in and shoulders Sasaki to the floor who bails and baits Tanaka to follow. When Tanaka does, Sasaki rolls back in and baits Tanaka to again follow. When Tanaka does, Sasaki kicks the rope to catch Tanaka low and wraps a chair around Tanaka’s head before jamming him into the post and slides back in the ring. Tanaka follows but Sasaki doesn’t give him time to make it back to his feet before he’s dropping knees over the back of the head, a neckbreaker and a headlock. Sasaki gets dumped over the top rope and driven into chairs before Tanaka wraps Sasaki’s arm around the post and hits it with a chair.

Tanaka applies an arm lock between a chair until the referee’s count of four and brings the match back inside where he keeps the focus on the arm with an armbar. He drops knees over the arm and looks to apply an armlock but Sasaki is in the ropes so he pull him away and reapplies. Sasaki finds the ropes again, this time taking him longer and Tanaka stays on the arm with stomps and elbows. He pulls Sasaki into a crossface which Sasaki escapes by biting the hand and fires off a dropkick to the head followed by a lariat off the top and a DDT. Tanaka backdrops out of the pedigree but eats another dropkick, this time for two, and gets rolled into a crossface. He finds the ropes, gets dropped with another neckbreaker but cuts of Sasaki’s top rope elbow drop and drops him throat first over the top followed by a lariat.

Tanaka charges in with a corner lariat, Sasaki slides out of the brainbuster but is dropped with a DDT for two. Sasaki is held up by his hair, fires weak forearms that have no effect on Tanaka who rushes in and gets caught with a headscissors that sends him crashing to the floor. Sasaki follows him out with a dive to the outside, pops his shirt off and heads to the second turnbuckle where he hits an elbow drop to Tanaka who was sitting on a chair. He brings Tanaka back inside where he lands a pedigree for two, eats a back elbow but traps Tanaka in a crossface. Tanaka gets to the ropes, is slammed by Sasaki who heads to the top but comes up empty on the elbow drop and the two grabs chairs.

They bust the seat over each other’s heads before trading forearms, Sasaki ducks one and grounds Tanaka with a spear for a two count. Tanaka slides out of position on the top rope and drops Sasaki with a superplex, heads to the top again and follows with a frog splash for two. Tanaka comes up empty on the Sliding D, gets turned into a hurricanrana pin for two, turns a second into brainbuster for a two count of his own. Sasaki turns the Sliding D into a pin, is grounded with a slap and finished after a Sliding D.

Final Thoughts
An overall stronger show than the night before. The opening sprint between Sakaguchi and Yoshimura played into the youngster trying to get one over on the wily vet very well. Takao is ever the creative wrestler despite his lack of charisma. He was able to work around the limitations of James who doesn’t look embarrassing but definitely limited. Hashimoto and Ueno was a very physical match. These first two matches out of Hashimoto are making me dream of a final between her and Tanaka.

The draw between Endo and Brookes was never boring. It was one of those cases where seventeen minutes in you knew for a fact it was going to a draw but they managed to keep the match engaging enough. Big time explosion paired with big time bumps from Ishii and Takeshita took their match to another level. Very physical match that saw Ishii playing up his underdog role perfectly. Tanaka has brought his work boots these first two nights. You would think there’s a chance he’d phone in these performances but the guy is going hard to produce a couple of very good matches to open the tournament.

More highs tonight than the previous show and if it keeps up at this level we’re in for a truly great tournament.

Recommended Matches
Konosuke Takeshita vs Keisuke Ishii
Chihiro Hashimoto vs Yuki Ueno
Masato Tanaka vs Daisuke Sasaki

A Block
Chihiro Hashimoto (2-0)
Yuki Ueno (1-1)
Keisuke Ishii (1-1)
Konosuke Takeshita (1-1)
Tetsuya Endo (0-0-1)
Chris Brookes (0-1-1)
Yuki Iino (0-1)

B Block
Masato Tanaka (2-0)
Yukio Sakaguchi (1-1)
Soma Takao (1-1)
Bull James (1-1)
Daisuke Sasaki (0-1)
Naomi Yoshimura (0-2)

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