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DDT ‘D-OH Grand Prix 2020’ (11.29.19) Results & Review



DDT kicks off its first night of the 2020 D-OH Grand Prix with six tournament matches from Yokohama. Everyone except for Daisuke Sasaki and Tetsuya Endo will have their first of six block matches. Let’s get started!

Yuki Ueno (1-0) def. Keisuke Ishii (0-1) @ 9:25 – ***1/4
Ueno rushes in with a boot before the bell followed by a dropkick. Ishii bails to the floor but Ueno is on the chase and lands a second dropkick off the apron. He goes to climb back in the ring, Ishii pulls him out by the foot and drops Ueno with a faceuster over the apron and drives him into the post. Ishii brings Ueno inside and gives him the boots, Ueno fires back a forearm and the two trade a couple back and forth before Ishii drapes him over the top and lands another boot to the back.

Ueno gets sent to the corner, hops up and tries to land a crossbody but Ishii catches it into a facebuster for two. Ishii sends Ueno to the ropes again and Ueno catches him in a swinging facebuster for him own two count before grape vining the legs and pulling him into a crossface. Ishii finds the ropes, reverses an Irish whip and lands a knee followed by a series of kicks.

Ueno catches a kick, delivers a slap that wakes Ishii up with a flurry of strikes that the referee has to pull him away from and Ueno uses that separation to run in and catches Ishii in a uranage for two. Ishii catches a corner splash into a powerbomb but gets rolled up, regroups and hits a piledriver that Ueno escapes for two. Ueno fights out of a double underhook DDT, comes in and connects with a headscissors into a pinning combination for the win.

Bull James (1-0) def. Naomi Yoshimura (0-1) @ 8:50 – **1/2
James offers his hand before the bell and Yoshimura accepts. The two big men have a series of lock ups that result in stalemates before Yoshimura gets the headlock but James sends him off and challenges Yoshimura to shoulder him down. Yoshimura can’t gets James to the mat, gets shouldered down for his efforts and James takes the match to the outside where the two trade forearms. James throws a chair into the ring to distract the referee so he can choke Yoshimura and boots him to the floor before sending him inside. Yoshimura gets sent to the ropes and eats an elbow, charges at James where the two both land lariats that send them crashing to the mat.

James makes it to his feet first and begins landing elbows but Yoshimura fights up and returns the strikes followed by a flurry of shoulders that eventually take James down. Yoshimura fires off a series of corner lariats, James responds with the same but Yoshimura comes back with more followed by a vertical suplex for two. James catches Yoshimura coming in with an exploder, lands a pair of splashes in the corner and climbs to the second rope for a splash for the win. With Yoshimura still on the mat, James picks up his arm and shakes his hand before heading to the back.

Konosuke Takeshita (1-0) def. Yuki Iino (0-1) @ 16:35 – ***1/4
The two stablemates shake hands before the bell. They take their time circling the ring before locking up. Iino pushes Takeshita to the ropes for a break and Takeshita baits him into a second lock up but Takeshita takes the wrist which Iino is able to reverse into his own. Takeshita escapes the hold and pushes Iino to the mat where he applies a toe hold, rolls Iino over and looks for a sleeper but Iino makes it to his feet so Takeshita positions into a side headlock. Iino sends him off and challenges Takeshita to shoulder him down but Takeshita tells Iino to go and blasts Iino with a boot when he comes in.

Takeshita is soon after grounded with a shoulder and hoisted up into an Argentine back rack, escapes out and fights off Iino’s vertical suplex attempts into one of his own. He then mocks Iino’s chants which wakes Iino up and results in Takeshita getting planted with a Samoan drop but he catches Iino’s boot when coming in with the elbow drop. Takeshita drives Iino into the corner with a knee, eats a back elbow followed by a shoulder tackle off the second, a pair of corner splashes and a vertical suplex by Iino for two. Iino wants a German suplex but Takeshita fights it so Iino drops him in a facebuster followed by a lariat for two.

Takeshita knees his way out of a bear hug and lands a flurry of forearms which Iino responds to with a series of chops. Iino comes up empty on a spear, catches himself on the apron but Takeshita boots him to the floor. Takeshita tries bringing Iino back inside but Iino rolls back out clutching his knee. Takeshita rounds the corner to bring Iino in and gets caight with a spear. Iino slides back in favoring the knee and Takeshita follow back in at the count of nineteen. Takeshita comes in and lands a boot to the knee followed by a figure four leg lock which Iino escapes by rolling to the ropes.

Iino catches Takeshita in a vertical suplex, hoists him up in a spinbuster followed by an elbow drop for two. Takeshita counters the spear with a knee but eats a headbutt followed by a lariat for another two. Iino hits the ropes, Takeshita ducks and connects with a lariat of his own for two, Iino catches him with a spear but his leg inhibits him to lift Takeshita who uses the opportunity to drop Iino in a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Chihiro Hashimoto (1-0) def. Chris Brookes (0-1) @ 12:30 – ***1/2
Brookes offers his hand, Hashimoto reluctantly accepts and gets water sprayed in her face for her troubles. She comes back with a shoulder tackle yhat sends Brookes bailing to the outside. Hashimoto goes on the chase and takes a kick to her midsection but reverses an Irish whip into her favor which sends Brookes into a sea of chairs. She follows with a scoop slam to the floor and looks for more but Brookes captures the arm, traps it in the ring skirt and stomps the arm before driving her into the wall.

He brings Hashimoto back inside the ring where he applies an armbar. Hashimoto fights back up, lands a series of forearms and looks for a vertical suplex that Brookes fights out of at first but can’t fight the second which Hashimoto follows with a flipping senton for two. She sends Brookes to the corner, he gets his boot up and lands a senton to the back off the top. Brookes looks to follow with a cutter but Hashimoto catches him into a German suplex and she heads to the top where Brookes meets her with a vertical suplex.

The two have a strikes exchange on their knees, fight to their feet and trade German suplexes. Hashimoto pops Brookes up over the ropes to the apron but Brookes springs back in with a cutter followed by a thrust kick for two. He stays on her with a vertical suplex for another two, looks for a lariat off the top but Hashimioto sidesteps and receives a two count of her own. Brookes pulls Hashimoto into an octopus hold but she powers him up into a Samoan Drop and positions him on the top rope so she can hit a powerbomb which scores her two. She follows with a shoulder tackle and finishes Brookes with a Geram suplex hold.

Masato Tanaka (1-0) def. Soma Takao (0-1) @ 15:10 – ***3/4
They lock up, Takao takes the wrist, Tanaka drop toe holds and takes the headlock, they trade wrist locks and Takao finds the headlock, drives him over and Tanaka locks in the head scissors before they stalemate. They go to the mat again where Takao finds the arm, Tanaka sweeps the leg and rolls through an armbar into a headlock. Takao sends Tanaka off, gets shouldered but pops back up and grounds Tanaka with a dropkick. The fight goes to the floor where Takao sends Tanaka into the chairs but Tanaka catches Takao with a scoop slam to the floor and grabs a chair which he uses to smash Takao’s knee between the post.

Tanaka comes back inside and grinds on the knee and delivers knee drops to the knee after Takao finds the ropes. Tanaka challenges Takao to a forearm exchange and the two go back and forth until Tanaka collapses but he uses that time on the mat to attack the knee and follows by dropping an elbow before drapping the legs over the ropes and runs in with a forearm in the corner. He toys with Takao’s knee, hits the ropes and holds on while Takao attempts a dropkick. Takao collapses but catches Tanaka with a second attempt and lands a drop stomp off the second for a two count.

Tanaka catches a thrust kick, eats an enzuigiri but avoids a double stomp off the top rope and drops Takao after a spear and DDT for two. He climbs to the top but Takao follows and the two trade forearms until Takao is swatted off but he charges in and headscissors Tanaka and swings him to the mat for a two. Takao is unable to hoist Tanaka up for Gin & Tonic and eats a powerbomb for his troubles but gets is knees up with Tanaka launches off the top rope with a splash. They trade forearms and lariats until they both collapse.

Tanaka makes it to his feet first and connects with a brainbuster followed by a top rope splash for two. He looks for a Sliding D but Takao turns it into the Endless Waltz. Takao wants Gin & Tonic but can’t hook the second leg. He drops Tanaka without the second leg hook which only gets him two. Tanaka escapes a roll up and blasts Takao with a short Sliding D and winds up with a big one to score the win.

HARASHIMA (1-0) def. Yukio Sakaguchi (0-1) @ 15:15 – ***1/4
The two start by trading kicks until Sakaguchi captures the leg and brings HARASHIMA down. They each roll through a headlock, HARASHIMA takes the arm and rolls Sakaguchi into a cross armbar but Sakaguchi rolls back and takes the head. HARASHIMA rolls and captures the leg causing Sakaguchi to find the ropes. They both stay sitting on the mat, HARASHIMA rolls and gets caught but flips through to the back and looks to take the arm which Sakaguchi quickly escapes and applies a front sleeper.

HARASHIMA desperately scoots his way to the ropes and looks for a triangle that Sakaguchi escapes but is taken to his back and is pulled into a neck crank which forces him to find the ropes. Sakaguchi mounts HARASHIMA and rains down a series of elbows, HARASHIMA responds with the same. Sakaguchi pops HARASHIMA up to the top rope and charges in for a knee before the two begin trading forearms. HARASHIMA eats a flurry of strikes and gets counted for a down but makes it up at four.

Sakaguchi invites HARASHIMA in for a kick and returns the favor which is repeated until they charge at each other and collide knee to knee. HARASHIMA gets a pair of knees to the back of Sakaguchi and pulls in to the mat with a poison rana. Sakaguchi sidesteps a second charge and catches HARASHIMA in a sleeper. HARASHIMA tries sending Sakaguchi off but Sakaguchi keeps the hold so HARASHIMA fights back up and drives Sakaguchi down head first and blasts him with Somato for the win.

Final Thoughts
Overall a solid first night of the tournament. Ueno showing some fire against Ishii and picking up the surprise win kicked the tournament off with good energy. The Bull James match had fun hoss energy when they were in the ring but they did almost nothing on the outside to necessitate going out there to begin with other than to catch a breather and if you need a breather in an eight minute there’s something going on. The ALL OUT stable war between Takeshita and Iino had its moments. Maybe a little too goofy at times and although Takeshita really tries his best to get Iino over, his size is so goofy that when Iino holds him in the bear hug it doesn’t get the desired look.

Brookes and Hashimoto had the intensity Brookes promised in the promos leading up to the match. Really good underdog fire from Hashimoto who thrives in being the big powerhouse. Takanashi’s craftiness rubbing off on Brookes is a nice touch to their story. The match between Tanaka and Takao stole the show. I don’t think Takao is the best at exuding any sort of charisma but the guy is a crafty wrestler and really thrived in this match with Tanaka who came to play as well. HARASHIMA loves doing the shoot-style grappling when matched against Sakaguchi and as far as I’m concerned he’s pretty solid at the style. The problem is it’s not what the crowd wants to see so he has to bail out of the style to give them something “exciting” in the closing stretch.

If this is the basement level we can expect from the tournament (and I think it is) then we’re in for a good one.

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Masato Tanaka vs Soma Takao
Chihiro Hashimoto vs Chris Brookes

A Block
Konosuke Takeshita (1-0)
Chihiro Hashimoto (1-0)
Yuki Ueno (1-0)
Tetsuya Endo (0-0)
Keisuke Ishii (0-1)
Chris Brookes (0-1)
Yuki Iino (0-1)

B Block
Masato Tanaka (1-0)
Bull James (1-0)
Daisuke Sasaki (0-0)
Yukio Sakaguchi (0-1)
Soma Takao (0-1)
Naomi Yoshimura (0-1)

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