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Daily Watchlist (10.22.19)



The Daily Watchlist is a new project I’ll be working on to highlight the matches I watch day to day. Sometimes the matches will be current and other times they’ll be from the past. The matches I recommend will be highlighted on the bottom of the page. Today I watched fourteen matches from AEW, BJW, NJPW, NWA and Stardom.

BJW 8/24
Yuji Okabayashi & Takuho Kato vs Hideki Suzuki & Akira Hyodo – Recommended

This is my second time watching the match and I enjoyed it even more on this go around. The BJW rookies each teaming with a veteran that has a different philosophy. Okabayashi and Suzuki are unquestionably the best in their respective field. Suzuki would use technique to trap Okabayashi who would respond with his power and so forth. The two are masters and forever engaging. Suzuki opens Kato up with a slap but it’s the rookie is who steals the match by putting Suzuki in an Argentine backrack and dumps him over the top rope. He then turns his focus to Hyodo and the two have a slap exchange leading to a bridging northern lights for the win. There’s a whole lot to love in this match.

NJPW 10/21
Roppongi 3K vs TJP & Clark Connors

Seeing 3K in the bully role was a welcomed twist to their usual underdog performance. TJP had some flashy spots and has started working in some double teams with Connors. Everything in the match worked fine until the finishing stretch when YOH looked like a goober for freaking out that he couldn’t pin a young lion. He then won the match with a Stargazer despite not establishing any leg work throughout the match. Solid double teams from both sides but a wonky finish hurt the overall feel.

Stardom 10/19 (Day)
Andras Miyagi vs Leo Onozaki vs Saki Kashima

Kashima has my favorite theme in wrestling and you get to hear it twice because she won so I found this worth watching for that alone. Seriously though, this was just a goofy three way. Miyagi teases walking to the back for not getting chants. Kashima coaches them both up only to sneak off with the win herself. Perfectly fine match but nothing to rush out and see.

AZM & Momo Watanabe vs Death Yama-san & Hana Kimura – Recommended
Hana comes out fully embracing Yama-san by wearing her inspired face paint and a lot of goofy comedy. The in-ring quality goes to Yama-san and AZM who work really smooth together. Stardom’s High Speed is my favorite division in the company. The slick work between those two combined with Hana’s silly character work makes this a light recommendation if you’re someone who follows the promotion.

Kagetsu, Martina & Natsu Sumire vs Arisa Hoshiki, Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano
The match was at its best when the superstar team of Arisa, Mayu and Tam were in the ring together hitting a flurry of offense on either Kagestu or Natsu. Outside of that it was a lot of Natsu taking shots from Arisa and bronco buster comedy. There were some good moments but not something that needs to be seen.

Saya Iida & Saya Kamitani vs Bobbi Tyler & Zoe Lucas
The first of the show’s tag league matches. Green foreigners against rookies is never a combination for great success. Iida and Kamitani hit a good variety of dropkicks and Lucas untied the tag rope and brought it to the opposite corner to tag Tyler which is a creative spot I’ve never seen before. Not much to the match, a lot of dropkicks and flat back bumps but it was fine enough.

Hazuki & Natsuko Tora vs Riho & Starlight Kid
Three more of my favorite High Speed wrestlers though Hazuki may be out of the division at this point. Natsuko’s new attire looks a lot better than the jumpsuit she wrestled in during the 5*GP. This was one of the better matches of the show. There were several fun double team sequences but they have a much better match in them. This is teetering on a recommendation but I can’t quite bring myself to type it with confidence. AEW should bring in Hazuki if they want a rad women’s title match for Full Gear.

Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter vs Jungle Kyona & Konami
Kyona suffered an injury in this building against Hayter during the 5*GP and this is her return match so it’s a cool story that these two are in the main event. Konami and Kyona offer their hands and gain the advantage by not letting go. Kyona gets revenge on Hayter by stealing her wet willy spot, the worst spot in wrestling in my humble opinion. She follows up by wrecking Bea in a spot that very nearly could’ve resulted in a broken neck. This got straight up violent at moments. There was a lack of energy from the crowd that made it an uncomfortable watch but they went hard.

NWA 10/22
Marti Belle vs Crystal Rose

The match was largly dominated by Belle who looked solid in her win. They went about two minutes and kept it at a brisk pace but very little to take away.

Caleb Konley vs Dan Parker
Parker came out in Canadian trunks and gave Konley the business for being an American. This set Konley off as he began laying in forearms, a headscissors, jumping senton, spinning backfist and a top rope moonsault to pick up the win. Strong performance from Konley but he looked like a dork selling Parker’s abdominal stretch. Parker doesn’t have the size to make the move look good against Konley but outside of that this was another strong showcase for Konley.

The Dawsons vs Tim Storm & Eli Drake
Storm and Drake kicked the match off with great babyface fire until the Dawsons catch Tim in a bear hug. He eventually finds a way out and brings in Drake who comes out hot but crashes into the post, allowing the Dawsons to focus on Storm again and get the win. The Dawsons continue the beatdown until they chased out by Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Aldis comes out from the back to check on Storm. They continued the stories going on in both the tag and heavyweight division but the match itself wasn’t much to get excited about.

AEW 10/22
Joey Janela vs Brandon Cutler

Cutler had a strong showcase of grappling and a flurry of great kicks. The top rope brainbuster finish from Janela was a smart way to end the match but as a whole, Janela looked really bad. His spray fan was horribly uneven and his facials screamed “please GIF me”. The GIF model worked wonders for him in GCW but he doesn’t need to rely on that anymore and it comes off second rate when it’s done wrong like it was here. I can see them doing something significant with Cutler if he’s given a story and is able to show more fire.

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates
Peter Avalon slid books into the ring to distract Rose early and would later use the books to help Bates try to gain an advantage. They worked the match perfectly fine but there was no reaction from the crowd. The Librarian gimmick has the wrong heat from the fans. We saw Avalon make it work in his match but he was a hindrance to Bates’ performance. The finish got a noticeable pop so at the very least they ended the match with energy.

Young Bucks, Cody & Dustin Rhodes vs Private Party, CIMA & T-Hawk
The first half of the match saw Cody playing around with the crowd. Nick Jackson finally kicks things into gear around eight minutes in. Everyone starts playing the their hits, Brandi and MJF get involved which makes things a little schmaltzy for my taste. It’s a dark match so it’s cool they’re playing to the crowd, that’s all great but the match was too all over the place for a serious recommendation. CIMA and T-Hawk were made to look like fools caught up in the ropes while their opponent danced around the ring. Not much of a match but instead a series of fun moments to send the fans home happy. There isn’t anything wrong with that but it’s not a match that comes across great on tape.

Recommended Matches
Yuji Okabayashi & Takuho Kato vs Hideki Suzuki & Akira Hyodo
AZM & Momo Watanabe vs Death Yama-san & Hana Kimura

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for WrestlingDesk.