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Booking WWE Aggression 2: Hip-Hop & Wrestling Meet Again



In March 2000, WWF released their first full-length rap project titled WWF Aggression. The lead single was the DX-inspired “Kings of Rock” by Run DMC. Throughout the weeks following the album release, superstars would come out on Raw and SmackDown to their Aggression themes. The heavily West Coast influenced hip-hop album reached the Billboard Top 10 Album chart. Just five years later WWE would hit gold again with John Cena’s You Can’t See Me album.

The strange relationship between hip-hop and wrestling has been discussed at length, and more and more artists have shown their fandom. In 2000, both hip-hop and wrestling were at the pinnacle of their respective “Golden Era.” Ironically, the king of hip-hop at that time, Jay Z, would later be the focus of a lawsuit by Diamond Dallas Page over the use of the diamond/dynasty sign. The never released third installment of EA’s WCW game would later become the groundwork for the classic hip-hop-meets-wrestling game Def Jam Vendetta.

In the past few years, we’ve seen an influx of rappers appear on WWE programming. Ric Flair is still the poster child of shared bravado between the two mediums with a bevy of artists sending well wishes to The Nature Boy during his recent hospitalization. Always the opportunist, WWE never stays away from pop culture and media attention. Though the music and wrestling industry has changed, rap and wrestling has only gotten bigger. It’s time for this collaboration to happen once again. Unfortunately, FloRida and Pitbull didn’t make the list due to overuse and sheer terribleness. Sorry guys.

Check out this mock up tracklisting for WWE Aggression 2:

Executive Producers CFO$, Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy

  1. Flatbush Zombies & New Day — “Power” (New Day) — The Flatbush Zombies and New Day association goes back quite a few years. The Brooklyn trio was in the process of recording the original New Day theme music. In 2016, FZ released the 3001: A Laced Odyssey album with a very New Day-esque cover design. Big E was also credited on the album.
  2. Naughty By Nature — “Monster” (Braun Strowman) — Braun Strowman is a throwback to the days when big men ruled the wrestling ring. When it comes to old school, trash talking and rapping, no one does it better and more convincingly than Treach from Naughty By Nature. NBN also does the theme for Shane McMahon.
  3. Griselda — “Bloodline” (Roman Reigns) Consisting of brothers Westside Gunn and Conway, Griselda’s grimy sound go hand-and-hand with Roman’s super smug, overconfident aura. The duo would deliver something totally different from his Shield theme.
  4. Snoop Dogg — “Boss Time” (Sasha Banks) — Sasha was introduced to wrestling by Snoop and is clearly an inspiration for her character. The WWE Hall of Famer also worked on music for the WWE 2K18 video game.
  5. Lacrae — “No One” (AJ Styles) — AJ Styles is a huge fan of Christian-based rap, and no one is bigger in that genre than Lacrae.
  6. Machine Gun Kelly — “Prizefighter” (Kevin Owens) — MGK’s first and only WWE appearance consisted of him performing on MondayNight Raw and getting Pop-Up Powerbombed from the entrance ramp through a table. A classic Owens segment.
  7. Smoke DZA — “Clutch” (Samoa Joe) — Since emerging from NXT, Samoa Joe has been one of the hottest members of the RAW roster. WWE has done a great job of building his “Cocina Clutch” finisher. Smoke DZA’s rhyme delivery fits well with Joe’s demeanor. The Harlem representer releases new music with his Ringside series every WrestleMania.
  8. Action Bronson & Enzo Amore — “SuperSAWFT” (Enzo Amore) — Any fan of Action Bronson knows that he is one of the biggest wrestling fans in hip-hop. A collaboration with Enzo would probably result in some hilarious lyrics, but that’s also why it’s a great pairing.
  9. Wale — “Most Girls Remix” (Nia Jax) — Nia has finally come into her own on the main roster, but her theme isn’t as threatening as her looks. The lyrics and vocals are pretty bland as well. A remixed version of her theme would fit perfectly with Wale’s flow. I’m surprised he hasn’t done this already.
  10. Snow Tha Product — “Reign” (Stephanie McMahon) — Out of all of the McMahon’s, Steph has never had a great theme. “All Grown Up” was incredibly weird. “Welcome to the Queendom” is a fitting conjunction of queen and kingdom, but the song isn’t very good. Snow Tha Product has been a top name among female emcees for quite some time. Her song “Run That” was used as the lead song for USA’s hit show Queen of the South.
  11. DJ Khaled & Migos — “Hype” (Mojo Rawley) — DJ Khaled would be a perfect manager for Mojo. He’s loud and obnoxious. The Migos could honestly do this entire album if they wanted to. Never forget #MigosOrton.
  12. Nas & Puff Daddy — “Angels & Demons” Finn Balor — Finn is a big Nas fan, so this would be an honor. With songs like “Hate Me Now” and “Victory”, Nas and Puff would definitely craft a song that imitates the aura that surrounds the “Demon King.”

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