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Batista talks potential WWE return



With a very successful career in Hollywood and a 49th birthday just around the corner — does Dave Bautista even have any interest in coming back to WWE for another run? The man known to pro wrestling fans as simply ‘Batista’ discussed the topic at great length on The Ross Report recently and before you even read this article — I’d recommend listening to the two-part interview here. The following discussion between JR and Batista took place toward the end of part two of the interview.

When asked about a potential return to WWE, Batista told JR that he never burnt that bridge. He still loves wrestling and everyone there has been good to him.

“I don’t ever disrespect the company intentionally,” Batista would continue. “I didn’t leave there under bad circumstances. I left because I wanted to pursue other things. I didn’t walk out on them — I let my contract run out. They knew I was gonna be leaving, I did business the right way and I’m really thankful that I did.”

Unlike CM Punk, whom JR and Batista did mention in part one of their interview, Batista did leave on good terms by finishing out his contract even though the original plans that were laid out for him did not take place. Batista was supposed to wrestle Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a singles match at WrestleMania 30, but BryanMania would take over and he’d end up taking the pin in a triple threat match. He’d then go on to rejoin Triple H and Orton in Evolution to feud with The Shield before exiting the company. So, while his last run didn’t go as planned and may have left a bad taste in his mouth, he still put over the right guys until the very end. Would there be any reason for him to come back for another go round?

“The short to that is yes, I would love to go back,” Batista told JR. “The reason I have not gone back is because I don’t wanna do a one-off. I wanna go and I want to wrestle. I wanna do some house shows, I want to be a part of the program, I love it. The one-off thing, the cheap pop thing, it just doesn’t do anything for me.”

Batista would go on to tell Ross that it truly is a matter of scheduling that makes a return difficult. He has been in touch with Vince McMahon recently and Vince knows what he wants, he’s made it clear that what he wants is a program with Triple H. Batista believes that the history is there which makes it an easy story to tell. There’s also a comfort aspect there being that HHH will allow him to fall into a groove and make up for his weaknesses if he does come back a little rusty.

Dave will be wrapping up filming for not one, but two Avengers films this year that will be released in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Vince would be smart to bring Batista back for a nice run during that time frame to incorporate his ‘Hollywood’ status into a storyline.

It’d be great to see one more extended run for Batista in WWE, the last one really left a bad taste in a lot of mouths and I truly believe there would be no better time than now to give him a nice babyface run. The fans would be very accepting, especially after the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and the lack of babyfaces on the current roster. They want to root for Batista, they were just drunk on Daniel Bryan lust the last time around. It was a unique and special time and they weren’t ready to accept anyone else in the main event scene, especially a returning part timer. It wasn’t necessarily Batista that they were booing, it was everyone but Daniel Bryan. They even boo’ed Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble for no good reason other than that he wasn’t Daniel Bryan.

Just like any other fan, I have a lot of ideas of how and when to bring back Batista. Stay tuned for that article later this week.

Again, you can listen to part one and two of Batista’s interview with Jim Ross by clicking through this link.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and WrestlingDesk with the help of some lovely and talented people.