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All Together 3: Fantasy Draft



Thanks to the quarantine, Mathew MacMillan and Robert McCauley have gone stir-crazy. There’s very little current wrestling to consume so we’ve decided to take a page out of Eastern Lariat’s playbook by drafting out our own All Together cards.

Leaders from more than half a dozen Japanese wrestling companies came together last week in an effort to work out some sort of compensation agreement with the Japanese government. This has led to rumors of these promotions putting together a collaborative card in order to show unity within the scene.

Nothing has been set in stone yet but that won’t stop us from fantasy booking our ideal cards as if this were to become a reality. We’ll be following the same format as heard on the aforementioned Eastern Lariat podcast.

We each draft 40 wrestlers
Available to draft are wrestlers from the following promotions: AJPW, DDT, Diana, NJPW, NOAH, Stardom & TJPW.
No limit on amount of wrestlers allowed to draft from one specific promotion.
An option to draft up to 4 wrestlers outside of the promotions listed above.

After the draft, we will be tasked with putting together a card with its own set of rules. This will be done in a separate article which is where those rules will be laid out.

Most games declare the youngest goes first but since Mathew is newer to scene, we’ve decided he should receive the first pick. Let’s get started!

Mathew (1st Pick): Hiroshi Tanahashi

Robert (1st Pick): Yuji Hino

Robert (2nd Pick): Masashi Takeda

Mathew (2nd Pick): Takashi Sugiura

Robert (3rd Pick): Hiromu Takahashi

Mathew (3rd Pick): Kota Ibushi

Robert (4th Pick): Minoru Suzuki

Mathew (4th Pick): Katsuhiko Nakajima

Robert (5th Pick): Tetsuya Naito

Mathew (5th Pick): Go Shiozaki

Robert (6th Pick): Kento Miyahara

Mathew (6th Pick): Kazuchika Okada

Robert (7th Pick): Shingo Takagi

Mathew (7th Pick): Tomohiro Ishii

Robert (8th Pick): Takuya Nomura

Mathew (8th Pick): Yuji Okabayashi

Robert (9th Pick): MAO

Mathew (9th Pick): Fuminori Abe

Robert (10th Pick): Suwama

Mathew (10th Pick): Ryu Lee

Robert (11th Pick): Shuji Ishikawa

Mathew (11th Pick): Daisuke Sekimoto

Robert (12th Pick): Daisuke Harada

Mathew (12th Pick): Yoshiki Inamura

Robert (13th Pick): Zack Sabre Jr.

Mathew (13th Pick): Masato Tanaka

Robert (14th Pick): Shotaro Ashino

Mathew (14th Pick): Taiji Ishimori

Robert (15th Pick): Robbie Eagles

Mathew (15th Pick): Tetsuya Endo

Robert (16th Pick): Mike Bailey

Mathew (16th Pick): Konosuke Takeshita

Robert (17th Pick): Kazusada Higuchi

Mathew (17th Pick): Kotaro Suzuki

Robert (18th Pick): Hirooki Goto

Mathew (18th Pick): Kaito Kiyomiya

Robert (19th Pick): Manabu Soya

Mathew (19th Pick): Mayu Iwatani

Robert (20th Pick): Arisa Hoshiki

Mathew (20th Pick): Momo Watanabe

Robert (21st Pick): Miyu Yamashita

Mathew (21st Pick): Shoko Nakajima

Robert (22nd Pick): Maki Itoh

Mathew (22nd Pick): KENTA

Robert (23rd Pick): Tam Nakano

Mathew (23rd Pick): Naomichi Marufuji

Robert (24th Pick): Yuka Sakazaki

Mathew (24th Pick): Minoru Tanaka

Robert (25th Pick): Yukio Sakaguchi

Mathew (25th Pick): HARASHIMA

Robert (26th Pick): Shunma Katsumata

Mathew (26th Pick): Kenoh

Robert (27th Pick): AZM

Mathew (27th Pick): Yuji Nagata

Robert (28th Pick): Satoshi Kojima

Mathew (28th Pick): Jun Akiyama

Robert (29th Pick): Makoto Oishi

Mathew (29th Pick): Naoya Nomura

Robert (30th Pick): EVIL

Mathew (30th Pick): Ren Narita

Robert (31st Pick): El Lindaman

Mathew (31st Pick): Keisuke Ishii

Robert (32nd Pick): Mizuki

Mathew (32nd Pick): Hajime Ohara

Robert (33rd Pick): Seiki Yoshioka

Mathew (33rd Pick): El Desperado

Robert (34th Pick): Starlight Kid

Mathew (34th Pick): Hikaru Sato

Robert (35th Pick): Jungle Kyona

Mathew (35th Pick): Zeus

Robert (36th Pick): Death Yama-san

Mathew (36th Pick): Taichi

Robert (37th Pick): Yuki Ueno

Mathew (37th Pick): Akito

Robert (38th Pick): Naomi Yoshimura

Mathew (38th Pick): Jake Lee

Robert (39th Pick): Dan Tamura

Mathew (39th Pick): Daisuke Sasaki

Robert (40th Pick): Juice Robinson

Mathew (40th Pick): SANADA

Let us know who you believe won the draft on Twitter. Our card construction will take place later in the week.

Along with providing show reviews from across Japan, Robert McCauley is also an editor for WrestlingDesk.