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AEW Video Game Announcement Coming Soon, But it Could Be More



All Elite Wrestling has launched @AEWGames via Twitter. The page is teasing an announcement for Tuesday, November 10 at 5CT/6ET.

What could the announcement be?  I do believe they will announce a game maybe two games. They may preview a console game and announce the launch of an AEW GM mobile game. But,  the announcement may include a direct sucker punch to WWE.  How you may be asking? They may also announce a streaming platform for talent. Notice that the announcement also includes a y=YouTube channel with the name AEW Games.  This may be a slap in the face of WWE’s recent events of making talent quit streaming. If AEW let’s talent stream and split the proceeds. While WWE made talent quit, they dropped the ball. I personally like the idea of talent streaming. It lets you see them in a different way and even communicate with them.  In this era of streaming, I think AEW has its finger on the pulse of what’s trending. If indeed they do announce such a platform, WWE will be forced to reconsider talent streaming.