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5 Worthy Opponents for Conor McGregor in WWE



Whether you classified it as a fiasco, a circus, or the greatest thing to help boxing in recent years, the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather showdown is finally behind us, delivering in high fashion, and going unexpectedly deep into the rounds.

So, what’s next for McGregor? Does he go back to the octagon, or does he take his talents to another big-money endeavor? The WWE could be a suitable option for the near-future as “The Notorious” shuffles through his longer-term possibilities. If there is one thing to know about Vinny Mac, it’s to never count him out.

Here are the five best opponents to put McGregor in a WWE ring with that could be fun to watch, and just might flow itself into a classic.

5. John Cena

As WWE, if you’re looking to make a little money, have an entertaining feud, and a professional worker in the ring to take care of McGregor, then look no further than John Cena. Given that McGregor usually mows his UFC opponents down rather quickly, one aspect WWE needs to maintain in a McGregor match is to tell a believable story, and Cena’s abilities can help to achieve that. Throw in the fact that Cena has mainstream appeal, and it’s a match made in heaven for the WWE public relations machine.

4. Kurt Angle

This is the match we wouldn’t have known we wanted to see. The Olympic Hero would present a newfound test to McGregor by challenging him to an actual wrestling match, seeing Angle most likely turn heel in the process. Which historically, is what Angle does best. Despite whatever finish is in the cards, this match features what it promises to wrestling-wise, but then sees McGregor have enough of it and resort to what he knows how to do best.

3. Roman Reigns

Somehow I don’t trust WWE with this one, but Roman Reigns would need to take the fall. End of story. Imagine the massive crowd responses a match of this magnitude would present. Crowd noise would be deafening for the ultimate face, McGregor, and the fan-assigned heel, Reigns. But still, the finish is what irks me, and I don’t see WWE resisting how juicy of a win this could be for their homegrown superstar. It may be best to stay away from this one, but the energy that would hover around this is undeniable.

2. Brock Lesnar

Former UFC champion versus UFC champion, in a wrestling ring. This would represent WWE’s turn to take the bigger piece of the pie when it comes to their UFC relations and financials. But for fans, such a showdown would be the ultimate clash of fighting titans. Much like the Goldberg and Brock matches, they would probably need to stay on the shorter side with this one. The technical wrestling abilities by both men doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven for two brawlers, so a few power moves and magic moments should be enough to entice and remember.

1. Jinder Mahal

Yes, you read that correctly, Jinder Mahal. If you want to give McGregor a true place in WWE history, which would be good for business, have him crush Mahal in a heavyweight title match for a brief run as a PR dream; WWE Heavyweight Champion, Conor McGregor. This type of loss would not hurt Mahal and would make the most sense title-wise to not hurt one of your longer standing superstars like a Cena, Reigns, or Lesnar, to name a few.