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205 Live Episode 82 Results: Itami vs. Murphy vs. Ali



The show starts with a replay of what has happened between Hideo Itami, Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali.

Before the match, LHP say they can hear Drew Gulak and The Brian Kendrick still complaining about being beaten by the best team on 205 Live. Kalisto says they got what they deserved.

Drew Gulak (with The Brian Kendrick) def. Lince Dorado (with Gran Metalik and Kalisto) via pinfall

GM Drake Maverick is in his office with a referee. Maverick tells him there must be a winner. The referee leaves just as Hideo Itami comes in. Maverick says he wants to talk to Itami about his outburst a couple of weeks ago. In the future if Itami has a problem, he should come see Maverick. He doesn’t want another main event ruined. Itami says int he future there’ll be no problem as long as Maverick shows him respect. Maverick says respect works both ways. He adds it’s not him Itami has to worry about tonight, it’s Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali. Tonight’s the night Itami proves he belongs in the main event. Maverick suggests he makes the best of it. Itami says he will. 

TJP comes out to the ring. He says it’s another 205 Live where the talent of the CruiserGreat is wasted. He’s been saying for weeks that Drake Maverick, the most incompetent GM in the WWE, needs to do what’s best for this brand. He needs to reward the guy who carried 205 Live on his back. He’s not asking for much. Just some hight profile matches, main events, every single week. Instead he gets this guy. He’s not even a name he wants to add to his record. He’s an underdog who wants to add TJP’s name to his record. It’s clear Maverick would rather set him up to fail than to see him succeed. He asks his opponent if he deserves to be in the ring with the best technical wrestler int he game or if he’s just some whatever guy that was pathetic enough? His opponent attacks TJP before he can finish his speech but TJP puts him in a submission hold and he taps out. 

  • Lio Rush debuts next week.
  • 6-man elimination match announced for next week: Lucha House Party vs Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick

Hideo Itami def Buddy Murphy & Mustafa Ali via pinfall on Ali

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