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2019 PW Awards: Promotion of the Year



As fans of professional wrestling, we are definitely spoiled. Never has their been so much to choose from and never has the content been so easily accessible. With this large proverbial buffet of brutality to choose from all around the world, you’re not going to have any problem finding something that tickles your fancy. Here’s what our team voted from that smorgasbord as our top promotions for 2019.

Winner: NXT

NXT TakeOver is the perfect feature pro wrestling event. We get right around five matches – none being of the throw away variety – in about two and a half hours. Great music plays an important part and the title matches all have a “big fight” feel. It’s the little things, like the lighting during the introductions and the way top characters are actually kept strong with long term booking. And of course, we can’t forget about Mauro Ranallo. In 2019, NXT also made the leap to cable television without losing its edge, something that many pundits thought would be impossible.

Triple H’s vision of pro wrestling continues to be the best under the WWE umbrella and in 2019, it was the best in the world.

Runner Up: Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate had a banner year in 2019, culminating with a highly memorable “The Final Gate” show in Fukoda. Personally, I didn’t get to watch a lot of DG in 2019 but I know Robert raved about it a lot which means it had to of been incredible. Dude has great taste. All of the above said, I am intrigued with this Ben-K character and R.E.D. as a group.

Honorable Mention: NJPW

After winning our promotion of the year voting three years in a row, New Japan Pro Wrestling places third after the tallying of this year’s voting ballots. That’s not to say it was a bad year -it was anything but – it just didn’t have that same feeling as the past half decade plus. The G-1 was super strong and Wrestle Kingdom remains the gold standard for that annual must see show in wrestling. For Gedo, it’s refreshingly all about the long game and 2019 has already led us into what is shaping up to be a magical beginning to the Roaring 20’s for the Lion marked brand.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and WrestlingDesk with the help of some lovely and talented people.